TOMO Hydroshort Kiteboard


Ability: Beginner - Expert

Bottom Contours: Q.I.S.C - Quad Inside Single Concave

Rails: Medium

Ideal Wave Size: 2-7ft

Technology: Kiteboard Helium Technology

Continuing in the successful line of Tomo designed kiteboards (often copied, never duplicated)…this is the Hydroshort.

Tomo’s trademark Q.I.S.C. (Quad Inside Single Concave) bottom generates incredible speed and lift – enabling the board to plane with little wind and giving it amazing upwind abilities.

The outline of the board, combined with the volume distribution, gives you the feeling of riding a much smaller board.

Instead of a bigger kite, you can easily ride a Hydroshort with a larger volume and have the same fun in smaller days.

The ultra-modern ‘torpedo nose’ will help lock down airs, while the bottom profile will generate great pop.

At the same time, the pulled in squash tail will make the board super snappy and tight in bottom turns.

It’s the perfect combination for both freestyle and wave riding!

Go grab one today.





5' 04"

18 1/16"

2 3/16"

22.8 L

5' 06"

18 9/16"

2 5/16"

25.5 L

5' 08"

19 1/16"

2 7/16"

28.3 L

Dostawa: 7 dni


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